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Winds of Change

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Here is the big news that most of you probably already know: Kyle aka Salty_River, the founder of the pdhhomebase website, is stepping down from maintaining it. This does not mean that the site is going away, quite the opposite. The torch has been passed to me to maintain the site. You can call me Ursine. In the past Kyle did a great job building up and taking care of the website. I cannot thank him enough for the work he has done for the format. That is why there will be a separate article honoring him coming soon.

“Then what is this about?” I hear you ask. Good question Sir, I'm glad you asked. Today I want to tell you all about the changes that are underway. Right now it feels more like a storm of change than a mere wind to be honest. These changes will take some time until they all come to fruition, and me taking charge of the site is just a small part of it. The changes are not just about the website either. We have a whole team of people that are currently working on different areas to help the format grow while staying fun and healthy.

The Team

Let me introduce the team and describe the areas each of them will be active in at the moment:

additionalLemon – A member of the newly formed rules committee who will also work on resource creation.

Alkadron – Moderator on the PDH subreddit and now also an editor for the writing team of pdhhomebase.

derek – One of our new writers for pdhhomebase.

Mr. Pod – Head coordinator of PDH Homebase team, server admin of the discord server, creator and maintainer of several PDH resources and a member of the rules committee.

Pancident – The third member of the rules committee and another writer for pdhhomebase.

Ruffigan – Reddit moderator, resource creator, pdhhomebase writer and rules committee member.

Scarecrow1779 – Another moderator on the subreddit who will also be a pdhhomebasse writer.

WhoTheHell – The final rules committee member, will also be writing for pdhhomebase.

Ursine – Me, I take care of the homepage, coordinate with the writers, and write as well.

You can find a little more information on us in the 'About us' section of the website. You can also reach out to us or come join the discord server to talk about all things PDH.

What else is planned?

With a new team in place we'll be working hard on making PDH as good as it can be. Here are some of the projects and changes we have planned:

Alive and Well

Any resource, be it a TappedOut page, a website, a Facebook group, or subreddit, that is not updated frequently looks dead. When someone stumbles across it, they will inevitably get the impression that PDH is a dead format that no one plays or cares about anymore. Hence one of our goals is to make sure that your first contact with our online resources leaves you with the (correct) impression that PDH is more like Commander than Tiny-Leaders in regards to being alive and active.

It’s All Connected

When someone first discovers PDH we don't want them to be stranded. A spark of interest can die out quickly if it is not kindled into real engagement with the format. Say you stumble across the deck compendium. It catches your interest. You should have an easy time to find your way to some deck techs on the website and then move on to the discord, reddit or Facebook group to discuss what you just read. Within a few clicks you may have gone from slight interest to already brewing up your first deck in your head.

Getting Into It

PDH has always been very newcomer friendly, but we can do more to support people trying to get into the format and get them ready to go once they're here. What do I mean by that? As an example, take the articles on this site. Moving forward the majority will still be of interest to veteran players but there will also be an increase of articles on topics such as starting a play group, getting people excited, and other topics that are good to know for those who are just starting out.

Rules Committee

We are forming a rules committee similar to but not exactly the same as the one EDH has. In the past, our community was small enough that everyone could have a direct voice in rules decisions like official rarity and the potential of planeswalkers as commanders. As the format

grows it will become more and more difficult for everyone to join the rules discussions that come up. The subreddit and discord server will be the best places to go if you want to be a part of these ongoing discussions, and we encourage you to get involved and have your voices heard. However, to ensure that we can still reach definitive results, it's necessary to have a smaller body of people that have the final say. At the end of the day “Rule Zero” still holds true in PDH. It's a casual format and we encourage you to play the way that is the most fun for you and your play group.


Our intention is to offer more to you who are already playing PDH, attract new interested players to the format, and improve how PDH is viewed from the outside. We want PDH to feel and represent itself as a 'real' format that will catch peoples’ interest thus helping the format grow.



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