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Starter Pack: White Cards

Plains (Theros), by Rob Alexander, owned by Wizards of the Coast © All Rights Reserved.

As much as I love writing material for the sole purpose of supplying information, this new series is a tad bit selfish. With that being said, by no means is it worthless. Asking different people about "auto-includes" in a format can give several responses. I guess I'm no exception to that rule, but I still feel that the picks that I'm suggesting are still a great spot to start.

This series will be going over cards that are instantly considered for any deck with a given color. Searching for the full 99 can be daunting, so it's great to always have somewhere to start. Given whatever commander, or strategy, these can all fit well into your deck. Kicking the "Starter Pack" series off with observing the best of white, let's dig in.




I've decided that as opposed to trying to squeeze out some comments, it's better for me to just lay these out for you. Many white strategies focus on building a board state of smaller creatures working together, and these cards all work to support this strategy. With life gain tools, creature control, and board creature tapping, these are all great auto includes for any white deck.

If you are interested in learning more about building around white, I encourage you to stay tuned over the next few weeks, as Ruffigan, an expert in the field, discusses playing white in a much deeper tone.

Will every one of these cards work in every deck? Not necessarily, but it's a great place to start. Do these cards add power to your decks? Let this be a starting point for any deck you craft, and relieve some of the challenges that come with designing your own techs.



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