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Putting a Paper Deck Together Through TGCplayer and More!

Once you've playtested a Pauper EDH Deck on Moxfield, you're probably ready to assemble the deck in paper.

I start by making a list of every card I need. This is important to reference throughout assembling your deck, so you don't forget anything.

Putting a deck together in paper can get expensive. So before we go any further, let's consult a bit.

Do you have friends that can give you cards for free?

Do you have a local game store that allows you to take unwanted cards from draft?

If you've answered yes to either one, you should check those first. Also if you have a local game store, you should consider looking through their singles to buy the cards you need. It will be less time efficient for sure, but you might find some decent deals on expensive cards.

With that out of the way, I'm going talk you through the steps I use to save money when ordering online. I'm using TCGplayer to guide you this process, but the steps involved are applicable to most other websites.

I also check the total cost of the cards I am going to purchase. I wouldn't order online unless I'm going to spend around thirty five dollars at least. It varies depending on the site, but $35 tends to be the minimum total required for free shipping. After all, if you have to pay more just to get your cards shipped, wouldn't it be better to get more cards for that money instead!

Next comes the process of putting cards into your cart. Most online vendors make you put them in one by one. Instead, I use tcgplayer.com for Mass Entry. It lets you add every non-token card at once, which saves a lot of time for our 100 card Pauper EDH Decks!

Enter your deck list into the gray box. For each card, you write the number of copies you need and its name.

Next, click the Add to Cart button on the bottom right.

Unfortunately, you're not ready to check out from here. So, click on Optimize Your Cart!

You can skip the next step and click Optimize to get pretty good results.

However, I recommend clicking on Show Advanced Options first. I check both Heavily Played and Damaged to include the cheapest cards possible.

For the final step of cart optimization, you must select one of the three cart options. I tend to choose the cheapest option between Verified Sellers, or Direct by TCGplayer.

After you pick one, you'll be brought back to the shopping cart again. If your deck doesn't use tokens, you can just click Checkout.

If your deck needs tokens, you will have to enter them into the cart after optimization. Enter the token name into the search bar, and click on the closest match.

The first listing tends to have the best price, so simply click Add to Cart.

Repeat as necessary for each token you need. Once you're done click Checkout, Edit Your Cart, or the cart icon.

Click Checkout.

If you don't already have an account, I recommend making one. You fill out the same information regardless. Making an account lets you earn bonus bucks to make future purchases cheaper too.

Fill in an email address and password, check the I agree to the TCGplayer terms of service, then finally click Create and Check Out.

Enter your shipping information and click Continue.

Choose your payment option, and finish with Submit Order.

Despite how long a first time purchase may seem from this guide, I think TCGplayer is the best way to order cards online. It is by far the most time efficient, and it tends to be the cheapest too.

In summary, make a list of the cards you need. Check what you can get from your friends and local game store. Make sure your list adds up to an amount above 35 dollars or more to get free shipping. Then, order cards on your preferred website.

Best of luck putting your deck together in paper,



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