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Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Submission Rules:

PDH rules can be found on the PDH Home Base rules page. The banlist can be found at the bottom of that page, although it is only common sense stuff like silver-border and ante cards right now. The short version is that any creature (legendary or not) can be your commander if it has had an uncommon printing. The rest of the deck has to have been released at common rarity. If you have more questions, you can ask here, on Reddit, or on the PDH Home Base Discord.

Decks can be submitted as TappedOut or Moxfield links. These are the only two deck building sites that currently have a PDH option when selecting a format for your deck. Both are still a bit buggy, though. TappedOut usually marks the commander as not legal, while Moxfield requires that you pick the specific printing of the card with the correct rarity. Neither of these issues will disqualify your deck so long as the cards have actually been released at the correct rarity. Please don't make us check more than a handful of cards per deck, though.

Deck lists can be submitted on the Contest Submissions channel on the PDH Home Base Discord, as comments on any of the Contest Announcement posts on Reddit, or as a comment on the Contest Announcement on the Home Base Facebook page. Whichever option you choose, please only post each deck in one place to save us time sorting out duplicates.

Lengthy write-ups are not technically required, but people will probably vote for you more if you talk about your lines, flavor, or tactics.

There is no budget restriction on the submissions. Pauper EDH is usually a pretty cheap format, though, with decks often costing less than $50.

Each person can submit up to 3 deck lists.

When submitting decks, please indicate which of the 3 categories your list will complete in (either in your Reddit comment, Discord submission, or your deck writeup). This will help streamline the voting process. For example, if you are building a high-power, competitive deck, flavor is probably not your top concern, so if you opt out of the flavor category with that deck, it will make those voting on flavor decks have an easier time viewing all submissions. The same is probably true of a super janky, flavorful deck. They’ll most likely avoid some staples or combos or use less powerful cards because they don't fit the themes of the deck, so they could be excluded from the most powerful category. Submitting a deck in all three categories is allowed, but please specify if that’s what you want to do.

Contest Timeline:

November 13: Prerelease events start. Usually all spoilers are released well before this date.

November 20: CMR release date.

November 22: All submissions need to be submitted by midnight, Eastern Standard Time (UTC-05:00). That's the middle of the night between Nov 22nd and 23rd for North and South America.

November 24: Polls should be posted sometime early in the morning of the 24th (EST).

November 27: Polls will close and the votes will be tallied.

Voting and Prizes:

Three polls will be posted on Reddit and the Home Base Facebook and Discord. One will be for the most competitive and powerful deck, one will be for the deck with the best lore and flavor, and one will be for the deck with the most creative mechanics or coolest jank.

The winner and runner-up in each category will receive any two of the uncommon partner legends from CMR (their choice of which two, up to $20 total value).

If one person is the winner or runner-up in multiple categories, they'll get two pairs of partners. However, if the same person owns the winning decklist and runner-up list in the same category, we will give the runner-up prize to the 3rd place list.


These submissions don't have to be your first draft. Post about them on Facebook, Reddit, or the Home Base Discord! Discuss, test, improve, and show us the best deck you can make!

If you want to play games with other people before submitting, there is a matchmaking channel on the Home Base discord. Games fire the most often on Untap, but people also use Cockatrice, Tabletop Simulator on Steam, and occasionally webcams.


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