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Quick Review: Commander 2018

Aminatou, the Fateshifter, by Seb McKinnon, Owned by Wizards of the Coast © All Rights Reserved.

Happy Saturday! This will be a quick bit, as I am currently in the process of moving, and have become very busy in such a short period of time. However, since this is so short, i'll be sure to have a new and full article ready for you this Wednesday. In fact, our newest member, Taylor, will be hitting the scene, giving you all you need to know about counterspells in PDH. It will be a piece that you won't want to miss.

With that said, we need to take a moment and talk about the most important time in the EDH Calendar. It is time for Commander 2018, and for all of us to pick up our decks. I've got my Estrid, the Masked deck pre-ordered with the matching sleeves, so I am ready to play.

When it comes to our yearly Commander supply, I don't tend to have my hopes up for any new additions to PDH. However, we need to document everything newly introduced to our format. We have a full cycle of 5 brand new creatures, bringing something new to the table.

Commanders and Lands

Although I don't believe this was intended to benefit PDH, we will benefit all the same from the 5 Loyals. Just by having them on the field, they will trigger an effect, with strict benefit. We will have a special treat for you guys in a few weeks, featuring these commanders, but until then, let us observe a new land.

Very similar to the ever so useful Opal Palace, Forge of Heroes will be especially useful in green decks, and any other deck utilizing counters. I don't think this will fit in every deck, especially with it being colorless. However, in something relying on counters, the added redundancy will be appreciated.


As I have mentioned above, this was meant to solely make note of these new tools. Unfortunately, I am lacking time to talk more. Moving is difficult as it is, let alone trying to sort out everything in Chinese. After settling back in a few days, I'll be looking forward to cooking up some new material for all of you.



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