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The Banned List Survey: The Results are In!

I am going to keep this quick, because this is simply an update on the "Banned List" survey. We listened to everything you had to say, and after reading all comments and considering what is best for the format, we have come to a few conclusions.

"Fractured Powerstone" is back!

After a lot of discussion, and putting this to a vote, we have decided that Fractured Powerstone, and other cards referencing other formats do not need to be banned. We wished to remove complications and confusion, but after listening to the community, we have come to agree with all of you.

We appreciate a format that doesn't have restrictions, but we do want structure. We are staying firm to making clear that all silver bordered cards and conspiracies are banned. With that said, if a card doesn't truly affect the format, we agree that it doesn't need to fill a list. Below shows our official update.

  • All Cards of the Supertype “Conspiracy” are banned from PDH. All cards are listed below.

Adriana’s Valor

Assemble the Rank and Vile

Brago’s Favor

Hired Heist

Immediate Action

Incendiary Dissent

Muzzio’s Preparations

Natural Unity

Secrets of Paradise

Sentinel Dispatch

  • All cards with a silver border (cards from Unglued, Unhinged, and Unstable) are banned from the format. If seen fit by your play group, such cards may be used, but only with permission. No exceptions shall be made with formal game play.

  • All cards referencing other formats (such as Planechase, Draft, or Sealed) are still legal, but rules text referencing another format is to be disregarded.

To see our official update, click here





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