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Crank up your game, and get Unstable

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It's here! IT'S FINALLY HERE! Oh man, after years and years of wondering when another UN-Set would return, and "If" it would return, Unstable has answered our call. It has hilarious cards, it has new mechanics, it has new John Avon lands, it has foil tokens, and (yes, Future Sight, you "predicted it) it has contraptions! Let's not forget, it introduces Urza (sort of) in print. This is absolutely amazing!

Now, we are all aware about the rules on silver bordered cards. Yes, they're technically "Not Legal" for play in any format. You can't simply add these cards to your deck and play. However, as Commander players, we have luxuries. We can get away with casual (and sometimes quite silly) game play, so with permission from your playgroup, you have the luxury of exploring some brand new brews.

Throughout this spotlight, I'm going to take some time to outline all of the Uncommon creatures that that would be fun (but reasonable) candidates, as well new set mechanics, and fun commons. I'd also like to take some time and chat about fun Uncommons from previous Un-Sets that you can explore with your home brewing. It's time to dig in!

New Un-Commanders

Although it's never difficult to assess fun, It's also never easy to asses whether or not an UN-Set card is acceptable for casual play. It's a difficult line to walk across, but I stand by my decision here.

I have a large desire to brew something with all 5 of these creatures. There were several other uncommons that had potential to be fun to play, but many held traits that seemed a bit too OP to be justifiable. I have an itch for contraptions, so I think my direction for brewing will go there.

Although these are my personal top 5 picks, there are several more options at your disposal, that are both fun and fair. Take a look below to see what else catches your eye. If you agree, or disagree, I encourage you to send me a message, and tell me what you think!

SIDE NOTE: Playing "Slaying Mantis" will only work for paper playing, unless you know something I don't. (Please feel free to share, I want to spread this delicious salt everywhere).

New Un-99 Cards, and Mechanics

I find it absolutely amazing that a "Joke Set" can still be loaded with cards that are practical, and fun to play in a casual game. After breezing over the vast assortment of new and exciting tools, I was thrilled to see new fun cards, and exciting mechanics to go along with them. Below are a vast assortment of great cards for the 99.

There's so much going on with these great pieces. In particular, I absolutely love GO TO JAIL. Aside from being hilarious, I am loving the Table Game Twist on the classic Oblivion Ring. This set has also shown great utilizing of dice rolls. Take a peek below to check out these dice-roll beauties.

Aside from some super-flavorful cards, new mechanics have been introduced. The first, taking a twist on Eldritch Moon's "Meld," we're introduced to the new "Host and Augment" cards. Although incredibly exciting, and having 16 legal "Hosts," there are only two legal "Augment" cards. It's going to be a challenge to utilize this, so let's talk about the second introduction from this set: Contraptions.

The newest artifact subtype with a unique means of summoning, contraptions are a new unique way to flavor your game. As well as the above mentioned "Aerial Toastmaster," several commons exist that will help you fill your sprockets!

Unlike other artifacts, Contraptions have their own separate deck, that follows its' own specific rules. To find out more information about how to build a Contraption deck and learn how they operate, click here to learn more.

As a group that takes interest in commons, we got lucky. Unstable has given us 15 contraptions (The exact minimum to make a contraption deck) so we have a new toy at our disposal. Take a view of all the new contraptions below!

Unstable has given us so many incredibly fun tools, and I am excited to test them all out. From this point, I want to take some time, and talk about exciting pieces from previous UN-Sets, and take a look at other exciting pieces at our disposal.

Previous UN-Commanders

In my personal opinion, Unstable is the most playable of the three sets. However, I would be wrong to say that there aren't any hidden gems laying in the previous two sets. Let's first take a look at previous commanders that are your at disposal.

There isn't quite as much available from the past as Unstable has brought to the table, but there are still several cool pieces to view. Want to see a player get incredibly salty? Play Stone-Cold Basilisk. Interested in messing with rules text? Bring out the Magical Hacker. There are definitely cool pieces to use.

Previous UN-Commons

I was pleasantly surprised to rediscover some really great mechanics throughout previous UN-commons. They're funny, they're useful, and some actually have synergy with several cards from Unstable. Let's first take a look at what Unhinged has brought to the table.

Aside from the very hilarious "Ass" cycle, several commons utilize the "Gotcha" mechanic. You have some great opportunities to reuse some great cards, but you better pay attention to what your opponents say and do!

After taking a look at what Unglued has to offer, there are two things in particular that I really want to discuss. The first being Goblin Bookie. As I had mentioned before, dice rolls will be a huge part of the newest set. A chance to repeat a roll will be a great tool at your disposal. Next, the hilarious "Rock, Paper, Scissors" creature cycle. Although a higher CMC, their power is quite high for a colorless creature. Definitely some very cool creatures.


I gotta say, I had an absolute blast doing an overview of UN-Sets. Not only does it have me incredibly hyped for brewing, It's helped me come across so many more hilarious tools. These sets are rare occurring treats, so let's not waste a moment with this, and take some time experimenting with many more exciting ideas. Have fun brewing!



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