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Iconic Masters: Set Overview

Kokusho, the Evening Star, by Slawomir Maniak, owned by Wizards of the Coast © All Rights Reserved.

After finally having this project finally come off the ground, I had expected Ixalan to be my first set to shine the spotlight on, due to its release. However, courtesy of Hascon, we were all given quite the surprise, and given the full set spoiler for the next masters set. This caught me off guard, but by no means am I disappointed. After digging through everything this set has to offer, I can't wait to get my hands on a box when released.

Iconic Masters has given goodies to everyone, and Pauper EDH will also gain a lot from this set. Rarity shifts are a thing of beauty to this community, and with a whole new slew of commons and eligible commanders, we have a lot to gain with this release.


As we usually do, our top 5 new eligible commanders have been selected. A satisfactory level of new options have been added to the format, so let's take a look below.

To see at least 5 really solid new additions to the format is a nice feeling. Personally, Heroes' Bane has me the most giddy, but seeing a new Legendary enter the format is hard to miss. To be precise, two legendary creatures have been introduced. However, don't let that waving flag fool you. Bladewing the Risen, although holding value in standard EDH, holds little value in PDH. There are currently only 3 common dragon creatures, so its underwhelming. Rosheen Meanderer holds more value, as there are currently 16 red or green existing spells with "X" in the mana cost.

Below is a list of all remaining new eligible commanders at your disposal.

New Additions to the 99

Iconic Masters has been quite generous, adding a large new quantity to the legal 99. A number of fantastic creatures have been added, and will be great items to consider for their respective colors.

Unfortunately, there is little to talk about, as this set is solely comprised of reprints, but new things have been added to help optimize your gaming experience. Below is a list of all remaining new additions to the legal 99.

Hascon 2017 spoiled us with such a nice treat, being able to see all of these future additions to the format. Although not yet legal, these will all enter the format on November 17th / 2017. It's still quite the wait, but at least Ixalan is just around the corner.



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