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Pauper EDH, and Why You Should Try It.

Shaman of the Pack, by Dan Scott, owned by Wizards of the Coast © All Rights Reserved.

I still remember the exact day I opened up my first booster pack, and opened myself up to the world of Magic: the Gathering. Entering during Dragons of Tarkir (which isn't very long ago, compared to most), I still feel a special connection to the artwork for Sarkhan Unbroken, and still see it as my gateway to a whole new world previously unknown. The magnificent artwork, the complexity of the game, and endless combinations of ways to build grabbed me, and it never let go.

There are so many different ways to play, and it felt like an explosion of information in my mind, as this universe revealed itself to me. Standard was a vicious beast at the time, with fetches in rotation, and that blasted Siege Rhino, but watching game play and taking a shot at the game myself excited me. I eventually found my niche in Commander, and it consumed my life ever since.

I discovered Magic for myself as I was finishing college, preparing next for whatever future lies ahead. As my love for Magic grew, my mind stayed open, but it came down to one simple problem; I just couldn't afford to play. I couldn't afford to play Modern. I couldn't afford to play Standard. Commander was my love, but my budget always held me back as to how I could really compete. I had so many different ideas and strategies, but nothing was financially feasible.

The day I was introduced to Pauper was a happy one. Never in my previous experience did I ever believe that a Commons only format could play so strong. For the first time, I could compete, and not break the bank in the process. Seeing decks such as Delver, with common cards so strong they're banned from Modern, this became a new point of interest.

I was thrilled to see such power in a budget format, but after seeing the raw strength of Delver, I decided to dig further. As I dug more into pauper, and discovered ideas on the internet regarding Pauper EDH, I felt like my two greatest loves in the game came together.

As a close friend and I discovered more about Pauper EDH (PDH for short), we discovered not only amazing budget ways to play, but a new meta altogether. As some threats disappear from EDH to PDH, new ones arise. Decks need to be approached differently, and we could see that this wasn't just simply a modification to a format, but a new format entirely, with its own boundaries and tactical approach.

This format became not just a passion, but also a challenge. I became obsessed with optimizing my game play in the format, and designing decks that could hold their own in a standard EDH game. Finally, a discovery of great game play without breaking the bank had been made.

I'm am ordinary guy, working like any other person, and dealing with the everyday battles of being an adult. Gaming isn't a chance at fame or fortune, it's a way to wind down. It's a way to relieve myself of the stresses of daily life, and be a part of a community, where I can feel at peace, and partake in friendly competition. PDH isn't a scrap format that you play simply by slapping together your draft junk, but it is a format that any person can enter.

PDH is a way for any person to play at their best, so I invite you to call your friends, and give this format a shot. You may just surprise yourself by how much you find yourself enjoying your game play.



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