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Card Draw Spells for All Colors

Ponder, by Dan Scott, owned by Wizards of the Coast © All Rights Reserved.

When I was learning to play Magic, it took me a long time to understand certain points. I never wanted to take advice from other players and experts, and I rarely watched tutorials or read articles. I was determined to just discover things out on my own. I would go into each game, feeling like I had the fool-proof strategy, but it always ended the same, game after game. I would have a few dynamite turns, and then I felt like I just couldn't keep up. I just never had enough to keep up the pace.

It took awhile before I noticed why I was never as geared up throughout a game. My opponents always kept their hands full, always kept drawing, and always had something to do, at any time. Why were blue and black players so dangerous? It's very simple. They were always drawing cards, one way or another.

I'm looking to take some time here, and highlight what I see to be some of the best card draw spells from each color category. Some colors are more equipped for this than others, but options do exist everywhere, that will best utilize your deck.


When it comes to drawing cards, white is not necessarily the first color that comes to mind. However, a number of cards do exist with several other triggers. Let's take a look at a few options.

Thraben Inspector is an excellent addition to any deck, with its cheap cost, and the clue token that comes with it.

These cards above are great, due to their low CMC, and high utility. White has always been strong with removal, and creature utility. Utilizing white requires an aggressive attitude, and these will keep your hand full.

The last two white cards I wanted to discuss are shown above. Cycling is an excellent function, and the fact that Marshaling Cry also has flashback makes this a great multi-use item. Rousing of Souls may give card draw to each other player, but will help you build a defense in the process.


Unlike white, blue is the exact color that comes to mind when drawing cards. With cards in the format so powerful, they're banned from modern, there is a strong base for effective card draw, to maintain constant responses and control.

Let's talk about this behemoth for a moment. This is almost an auto include for any deck running blue. The power to force players to make a choice between you drawing cards or paying extra is

going to give a competitive, where blue lacks ramping power.

Cards so powerful, they were banned from Modern? Although not quite as powerful when only having one copy, they are still a great addition to any blue deck.

Blue will always be geared up with counter spells. Having card draw with it is solely a bonus. These two are the best of the bunch, and will always serve well.

A final few to note, with the intention of cycling that hand as fast as possible, these few should allow you to cycle through your deck, in order to find all of your responses to every issue. Blue has always been the strongest with card draw, and will continue to offer you many ways to keeping your hand full with constant control.


Anything can be achieved, for a price. Players that utilize black to the fullest understand this. Black offers several powerful draw spells, that require a payment of resources, such as sacrificing life, or creatures.

Life is an underused resource, that can be applied, with a great reward. Drawing two cards for losing 2 life points is an excellent trade, at any point in a game. If you are ahead of the game, or in deep water, these tools work well.

Picking what you draw from a graveyard can also be a fine means of crafting your hand. Whatever strategy you imply, or wish for a powerful creature to return, these will allow a strategy to maintain its success rate.


Any player running red has one goal in mind: Burn everyone, and do it quick. Red players have always operated on a relatively low mana curve, and have the luxury of discarding lands from hand throughout the game. These highlighted spells will help remove fluff from your hand, and keep it only stocked with weapons.

Tools such as Faithless Looting are fantastic for cycling hands, and doing it quickly. This supply above will serve well with keeping your hand stocked with material.

Several enchantments exist, giving creatures the ability listed on Tin Street Market. I prefer this tool, because I want my creatures utilized differently. Putting use to lands in a later game for hand cycling is a solid plus.


When it comes to card draw, green has the least to offer. Where green excels in ramp, this is certainly an area that this format doesn't support. With that being said, a few options are available.

Here are two pieces that always make the first cut in my green decks. Explore gives a double whammy of ramp, and maintaining hand tempo along with it. Snake Umbra adds not only extra protection, but a renewable means of card draw.

Depending on what strategy you choose to play, creatures such as Elvish Visionary, with a low CMC, are always solid for keeping the battlefield full, and maintaining the hand.

Understanding tempo, understanding preparation, and understanding knowing how to respond were lessons that took me a long time to learn. I spent a long time not being very good at this game, because I did not prepare for this exact thing. I'm hoping that this display of spells will help you take your deck from good, to fool-proof. It's hard to play well, without a full hand to use. Use these cards to help you play the best game you wish to play.



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